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Secret Millionaire: Holger Riemer on probation from riches to rags

Created 04/24/2013 09:51:40 | Last change 04/24/2013 10:01:41
Usually the career ladder has only one direction: From rags to riches - the RTL format including Secret Millionaire Holger Riemer is the upside.

And sends wealthy entrepreneurs who have made it in life actually, to those who have drawn out of poverty problems and their lives. On trial and for a week. Social segregation is also available in a wealthy country like Germany. Sections of society who have failed the social network and not grab the few aid. At least in the public focus here is the fate of individuals - both of those affected, but also the many helpers who often volunteer to sacrifice themselves, and without payment to the limits of their own strength.

Exactly these encounters Holger Riemer on Secret Millionaire day. He leaves seven days his usual daily routine behind and mixes without revealing his true identity, among socially disadvantaged people.

In Secret Millionaire is about more than just money

In real life, Riemer successful entrepreneur, sits on the boards of several companies and writes books. His last work is entitled "models and model action." When writing this socially critical view of today's modern society, states the 53-year-old has probably not yet dreamed, soon put the writing into action, namely to meet role models where they might not be suspected. And even to advance through his participation in the Secret Millionaire format for example.

Because actually, anyone who succeeds in life, which is financially doing well and, once get to know the other side of happiness has more than enough. This must not be the same millionaires, business owners or corporate executives, as Secret Millionaire Holger Riemer. And that does not happen undercover, but can happen openly. No man it hurts to take a look outside the box.
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In Secret Millionaire in the end it also about money. And that is what the victims - in addition to public attention - probably could use best: The work of the wealthy entrepreneur, it is for this also about one or to find more suitable individuals or organizations to which then a sum of money will be donated .

Planned three episodes of the RTL-real-life documentary: Holger Riemer is the third Secret Millionaire.

Besides Holger Riemer as Secret Millionaire yet participate a Berlin Internet entrepreneur and a doctor from Dusseldorf. The broadcast on RTL Once comprising only three episodes - but a sequel is not excluded if the format similarly well received by the audience as the thematically related "Undercover Boss," which also starts way back in April with new episodes. The Secret Millionaire show with Holger Riemer is a third at the start - and on 28.04.2013. Switching is worth it!
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